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Truly decentralized social networking with grass roots governance

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We are the only truly decentralised blockchain social media with grass-roots governance. Our platform will be lead by a healthy mix of our investors and our users.

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We are the only truly decentralised social media platform

Tried and tested solutions to current and ongoing problems within governance, and usage, of blockchain based user generated content creation platforms


Our decentralised network will build around communities yet fully allow 100% control to the end-user

Fully Scalable

Our lightning fast systems will put us a cut above the rest of our competitors

High Growth

We are setting our sights on mainstream adoption which will in turn reward investors

Creating a win-win
for everyone

Your ideas matter. Your voice should be heard.

We have worked to fully resolve fundamental problems within existing social media platforms to create a global platform for the free flow of ideas. Through utilizing decentralized blockchain technology we are creating a platform where all voices can be heard that is beneficial to users and investors.


More than just a social media platform

What we offer is a fully integrated blockchain based dAPP community. Easysocial will be the foundation and social hub for all that we plan to achieve, but we are so much more than just a sharing network. In the future we plan to integrate various content creation platforms, gig-economy applications and much more!

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Development Timeline

The Easysocial token sale will be ongoing until we reach our soft cap so that we can maximise our services to our communities

How it works:

Established since 2016

We’re a close team of creatives, designers & developers who work together.


Questions and Answers

Listed are a few commonly asked questions from our user base and people interested in our platform

What exactly is Easysocial?

Easysocial is a truly decentralised social blockchain aimed at tackling real world problems such as freedom of speech and freedom of expression

How do I earn crypto from using EasySocial?

The blockchain makes new tokens with each block that are then distributed to users based on post voting. Half of the tokens are distributed to the users who posted the content that was voted in the form of staked tokens. The other half are distributed to the voters based on their stake in the form of a token pegged to the price of one gram of silver (for price stability). The more stake you have the more stake you give other users with your vote and the more silver you earn through voting. The silver tokens can be sold on the market or converted to liquid SOCIAL tokens that can be staked.

I'm not familiar with this crypto stuff? Is it for me?

Sure it's for you. No-one came into cryptocurrency knowing everything there was to know. Everyone has to start from somewhere. Our goal is to make using the platform and crypto in general as easy as possible. You don't need to know how a blockchain works or anything to be able to use it the same as you don't need to know how your computer works to use it.

Is this a blogging platform?

No this is a true social media platform, not a blogging platform. We will be integrating a blogging platform in the future that will work with EasySocial directly.

Where does the money come from?

The tokens earned on the platform have value based on people buying them to stake them and increase their earnings on the platform as well as paying to have their posts promoted to gain greater visibility. When someone pays to promote their post the tokens are burnt which counter-acts the inflation from new tokens being created ensuring the tokens maintain their value.

What is 'grassroots governance'?

Grassroot governance is governance by the users. Instead of having a top-down governance structure with a developer-designed Terms of Service we will have a user-created constitution that defines the rules and guidelines for the platform. Users will also decide through voting what features and functions get added to the platform. Unlike other social media platforms we put the power in the hands of you, the everyday user.


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